Last week on Apps-A-Lutely, I gave my honest assessment on NeoBux after I had rejoined it three weeks ago.

This week, I give my honest assessment on the link shrinking service "AdFly".

For those of you who don't know what AdFly is, it's a link shrinking service that shrinks your whatever originally content that you have into the form of a link, which you encourage other people to click so that they can see your content, along with you monetizing your content at the same time.

As for my honest assessment, I love AdFly because it allows me to monetize my content in addition to AdSense. Plus, it's ideal for free websites that aim to make money, as AdSense only works for web packages that you paid for.

The former applies to me, as I have made individual pages of content that I don't want to be seen directly on Art Infliction, such as the entry "The Not So Better Half" and content that only my friends would understand, such as my entire movie collection in alphabetical order and my selection process for the final 100 movies to be put into said collection. The latter will also apply to me in time, as I'll be eventually be building much smaller subsidiary websites when Art Infliction's site menu get to full capacity, along with not overdoing it with subpages. 

As for what you'll need to monetize with AdFly, well you need three things, with the first being interesting content because as we all know, content is king. Second, you'll need an audience because without one, you won't succeed with AdFly. And third, if your audience is small like mine is, then you'll need a lot of various content for them to check out because every click and view of theirs can go a long way.

And as for what that I recommend in terms of what website service to use to publish all your content without paying anything out of pocket for it, well I recommend Webnode because it was the first free webpage service that popped up, when I typed "make a free webpage" into the Google search engine 10 days before Christmas Eve 2017. And from that point on, it's been my go-to for making free webpages.

So yeah, you don't need a paid web package to succeed in monetizing your content. Just an AdFly account, an account for building free webpages, interesting content and an audience. And once you have all those components, you'll have at least one way to successfully monetize your hard work, along with slaying your financial struggles. Especially if you keep it up with having original content to monetize and having an audience that trusts you. AdFly has slowly but surely worked for me and if you apply the same way, then it can work for you, too. So yes, I highly recommend AdFly.

Well, that's all for this week's edition of Apps-A-Lutely. Tune in next Saturday to which money-making app that I'll be reviewing next. So until then, so long everybody!


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